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With security continuing to be a hot topic, and the rise of SaaS and mobility, the focus is shifting from traditional perimeter based security solutions to leveraging real time context to make decisions about what access to provide based on the user, the device and the location.

In this pack, you can leverage an incredibly detailed paper on the new security paradigm to help kickstart a conversation with your clients and prospects.

  • Definitive Guide to Secure Enterprise Mobility
  • Adaptive Trust Whitepaper
  • Telemarketing Guide for Partners (Security Focus)
  • Brand Awareness & Security Banners

For further instructions on how to use the components of this pack, see details below.

Email Templates

Emails in this campaign pack are available in 2 formats: HTML & OFT (Outlook File Template).

HTML - Preferred format – These packaged files can be easily loaded into your Email Marketing Tool or Marketing Automation platform.

OFT – If you do not have an Email Marketing system, you can open the OFT file in Outlook on any PC (note that OFT files are NOT compatible with Mac). You will need to update the “First Name” salutation field and the Sign-Off portions of the emails prior to sending.

Telemarketing Guide

Use the information contained within to structure your conversations.

As part of a holistic nurture program, we recommend only calling contacts who have:

  1. Been sent prior communication, such as one of the emails, and
  2. shown interest in the material by either opening/clicking/responding directly to the email


A combination of leaderboard and MREC banners for use across any tech media.

Content includes awareness messaging and asset promotion. If using the asset banner, we strongly recommend driving to a gated landing page on your own website (ie. prospects need to provide basic contact details to access the asset).  

These banners could be further adapted and used within an email signature or shared via social media channels.

Key Assets

Our selection of the best performing assets from previous marketing campaigns.

These thought leadership pieces can be shared both internally as well as with customers and potential prospects.

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