Classified Networking Solutions

Aruba employs a software approach that extends mobility intelligence across wired and wireless networks all the way to users, devices and apps.

Using NSA-approved Suite B cryptographic capabilities, it delivers:

  • Easier and more affordable deployment and management: A high-performance WLAN that supports mobility and operates without physical hardened network connections
  • Better operational performance: faster performance and increased battery life for mobile devices without the need for Controlled Cryptographic Items (CCIs) and security when not in use
  • An inexpensive way to provide secured wired, wireless and remote access to authorised users: as little as 10% of the purchase cost of a Type 1-certified solution and also costs less to operate.
  • Simplified Management: services are defined once via a centralised Aruba Mobility Controller in the data center - eliminating the need to keep up with a profusion of wiring closets, firewalls, network access control (NAC) solutions, management systems and reporting tools that operate in separate domains.

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