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In Australia, K-12 schools have been undergoing significant transformations in terms of mobility and the next generation classroom.

Aruba is a definite leader in this space and this pack helps you capitalise on this success with a focus on how to solve the key challenges that schools have in moving from existing legacy infrastructure to meet these new needs. With two key papers, plus emails, social media snippets and media banners, you can deliver an extensive education campaign.

  • Executive Overview: Blueprint for the Next-Generation Classroom
  • Executive Overview: Securing K-12 Learning in a Mobile World
  • Blueprint for the Next-Generation Classroom
  • Securing K-12 Learning in a Mobile World
  • Social media snippets driving to asset downloads
  • Media display banners driving to asset downloads
  • Telemarketing Guide: Education

For further instructions on how to use the components of this pack, see details below.

Email Templates

Emails in this campaign pack are available in 2 formats: HTML & OFT (Outlook File Template).

HTML - Preferred format – These packaged files can be easily loaded into your Email Marketing Tool or Marketing Automation platform.

OFT – If you do not have an Email Marketing system, you can open the OFT file in Outlook on any PC (note that OFT files are NOT compatible with Mac). You will need to update the “First Name” salutation field and the Sign-Off portions of the emails prior to sending.

Social Snippets

Use these posts on social media

These social snippets can be used to promote the Aruba assets made available in this quarter’s marketing pack via Social Media. Character limits and recommended lengths of posts have been taken into account when creating the copy.


A combination of leaderboard and MREC banners for use across any tech media.

These banners can be used within an email signature or shared via social media channels, or on your company website. If using the asset banner, we strongly recommend driving to a gated landing page on your own website (ie. prospects need to provide basic contact details to access the asset).  

We have also included the source files for the banners so that you can co-brand with your company logo. 

Key Assets

Our selection of the best performing assets from previous marketing campaigns.

These thought leadership pieces can be shared both internally as well as with customers and potential prospects.

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