Enterprise Mobility Management, or EMM, has become a key consideration in the IT strategy of any forward-thinking organisation. Besides allowing for the comprehensive integration of mobile devices into the workflow of your business to unlock their productivity potentials, it also aims to provide the necessary security to protect your digital assets. Here we’ll break down EMM into its essentials, and reveal how Aruba’s ClearPass solution can serve as the security capstone of any EMM implementation.

A robust EMM solution typically involves a set of distinct, yet interrelated features, primarily:

                * MDM – Mobile Device Management

                * MAM – Mobile Application Management, and

                * MIM – Mobile Information Management



Let’s look at each of the above in turn, beginning with MDM.

MDM deals with the administration of mobile devices in your corporate workflow, covering deployment, integration, configuration, and monitoring. Crucially, the security of your corporate network can be enforced through the capacity to lockdown, quarantine, or remotely wipe devices if they transgress company policies.

MAM, on the other hand, is concerned less with devices and more with the software and services used by them. It allows IT to isolate specific apps – through blacklisting or whitelisting apps and services - rather than shut out or shut down the entire device. As such, it can provide a more granular approach to policing the co-existence of personal and corporate data, where employees may be using their own smartphones or tablets in the workplace.

Finally, MIM deals with the protection of enterprise data. It does this by ‘sandboxing’ or containerizing sensitive data, allowing only approved applications to access or transmit it. By doing so, any errors or security issues are isolated, and prevented from affecting other parts of the device or network.

Your organisation is likely already utilising at least one of the approaches outlined above, to optimise your mobile workflows and improve your network security. It is important to recognise however that although these tools can be used independently of one another, an EMM strategy is at its most effective when all are used in conjunction, each adding a layer of security and control to further protect your interests.  



As you may have guessed, that’s a lot of oversight required on the part of IT! That’s where having good policy management and a direct, accessible overview of your networks can help. Aruba ClearPass provides security based on, and through, the network: a single-platform window into otherwise disparate processes, co-ordinating your defences so they can operate as a fully-integrated system.

It does this by fluidly sharing data with your EMM solution, to provide real-time, context-aware security around the devices that are accessing your network; what data is being accessed, by who and from where. Network privileges can be defined around user roles, device types, location, and time of day, with real-time troubleshooting tools available to quickly resolve connectivity and user issues.

This detailed contextual information enables ClearPass to determine whether to allow the device to connect to the network, what resources it is allowed to access once it connects, and what actions that device can perform while connected. Alerts are issued automatically by the EMM solution when an unauthorised device or blacklisted app is detected, triggering appropriate access enforcement with ClearPass able to dynamically change its network privileges.

Software and device-based protection go hand in hand, seamlessly. Additionally, network access and business workflows can be automated both before and after devices connect. Automatic on boarding capabilities enable employees to spend less time resolving IT issues, and more time focusing on the business at hand. There are evident benefits to be had by streamlining such aspects of your operations.



A recent report from Gartner suggests that those wishing to capitalise on the advantages provided by the mobility revolution must be prepared to integrate a wide range of emerging technologies, while avoiding complexity. That’s why platforms that are scalable, accessible, and able to integrate a wide variety of third-party, multi-vendor network solutions, are proving of immense value. ClearPass represents an innovative approach to resolving the longstanding concerns around the complex requirements of network security, unifying your wired, wireless, and mobile operations and putting control back in your hands.